We believe in a world where traveling means time is gained and not lost.

Bileto is a cloud-based tool that helps transportation companies gain more passengers, sell more tickets, satisfy passengers, reduce redundant expenses and provide useful information for improving business and customer satisfaction.

Unlike custom-made software it's available to all transport companies and does not need any IT development, servers or maintenance. So transport companies may focus on transporting people, with no worries.


Adam Raška Adam Raška CEO
Martin Vávra Martin Vávra Android developer
Adam Vanting Adam Vanting Project manager
Dalibor Pavlovic Dalibor Pavlovic Report developer
Lukáš Krotovič Lukáš Krotovič Frontend developer
Martin Tauchman Martin Tauchman Backend developer
Jakub Vrbas Jakub Vrbas Backend developer & CTO
Jan Ráž Jan Ráž Product owner
Tomáš Kazatel Tomáš Kazatel Frontend developer
Josef Petrák Josef Petrák Head of distribution platform
Alena Ryšavá Alena Ryšavá IT Recruiter
Jakub Dorňák Jakub Dorňák Data architect
Karolína Fenclová Karolína Fenclová Testing & Data
Jakub Hemerka Jakub Hemerka CFO
Vojta Svoboda Vojta Svoboda Backend developer
Ľubomír Ruska Ľubomír Ruska UX designer
Miroslav Horňák Miroslav Horňák UI designer
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Bileto's mission is to walk transportation companies through a transformation from passive offline carriers to forward-thinking online businesses. It is a cloud-based tool which keeps every staff member informed about all the key changes so that transportation companies can focus on growing revenues and improving their services instead of worrying about IT.

Rockaway Capital

Bileto is built by Rockaway Capital, a leading VC firm focused on investing and building Internet companies in emerging markets.


Bileto is growing. Grow with us.

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