Affordable and advanced solutions for public transport

Bileto is the software for transport agencies that opens new means of ticket sale, allows agencies to build its brand and attract more passengers. It immediately offers agencies with advanced features, without complicated implementation and with significantly lower costs.

Company Headquarters

Revoluční 762/13
110 00 Praha 1

CZ government data box: b3y6kid

BTO software technologies s.r.o.
Reg. No.: 069 96 493
VAT ID: CZ 069 96 493
EORI: CZ06996493
UIC (SŽ SR70) code: 545999 (599993)

Sale Representative

Josef Petrák, Managing Director
+420 603 254 189


The company is founding member of the syndicate Alliance PRO BUS, non-profit syndicate of bus carriers and vendors supplying public bus line transport market, that was founded in 2021.

Česká asociace organizátorů veřejné dopravy (Czech Association of Public Transport Authorities) accepted Bileto among members in 2018. We regularly attend member conferences.


Bileto was founded in 2013 ith support of the investment fund Rockaway Capital, a VC player focused on building innovative startups on emerging markets.

Investment fund Aakon Capital has also took part in the beginings of company together with the open access rail agency LEO Express.

Bileto was part of the Czech Innovation Lab from Czech Media Invest group between 2018 and 2020. The company collaborated with Czech News Center media house on journey planner project Bileto Jízdní řády (Bileto Smart Timetables).

The project is owned by BTO Team since late June 2020. The company is owned by the team that has been developing the platform since 2016.

Bileto Group

Bileto Clearing s.r.o.

Revolucní 762/13
110 05 Praha 1

Reg. No.: 047 15 136
Tax ID: CZ04715136; not a VAT payer

CZ government data box: u8zhmmm