Bileto and Mastodon

We are active on different social networks and we actively encourage transport agencies selling tickets using our platform to communicate as well. The recent development of the Twitter and the uncertainty around the terms of service makes us to seek alternatives for quick&brief communication about news and service disruptions in advance.

Mastodon has been considered go-to alternative even though it differentiates in the details. Because the Mastodon network is build by interconnected and thematic servers, we looked for the right place to share information about the public transportation. That's how we found found by the US consultancy company Manhan Group LLC.

If you look for the right place to create an account as transportation agency, transportation professional or enthusiast, we highly recommend to select this server. There are professionals from USA, UK and West Europe publishing content currently.

Thanks to the today's agreement with current administrator, we become the second sponsor and supporter of this part of Mastodon. Our aim is to secure the future existence, backup, emergency administration, moderation and overall stability based on Mastodon Server Covenant charter.

You can find Bileto profile at