Bileto exhibited OSDM capability at CZECHBUS 2022

CZECHBUS 2022 - Bileto

Bileto exhibited its products and offerings at the CZECHBUS fair in Prague, Czechia. The reservation platform, onboard ticket sale and inspection application integrated into PAX A920Pro were presented along with the OSDM API.

OSDM standard was pitched to regional transport associations as a mean to implement vendor-independent sale and reservation solution. Avoiding vendor lock-ins and supporting publicly available standards is a way forward at Bileto. This brings benefit both for providers to be able to select among more distribution systems and be more accepted by third party distributors, and Bileto that may maintain single well-described interface instead of diverse proprietary interconnects to different outside systems.

The specification supports not only rail but also bus and other modes of transport. Tickets, reservations, bike and other supplements are all supported. Bileto is regularly engaging at the OSDM Working Group in order to resolve issues specific for the Czech market.

CZECHBUS 2022: Bileto leaflet on OSDM API

We thank to all partners and customers visiting the Bileto booth.