Developer OSDM Sandbox now runs on version 3.2

Bileto provides one of the developer sandboxes for OSDM (Open Sales and Distribution Model), specification describing a common language between carries, distributors and ticket retailers.

New version of the specification, 3.2.0, was published on February 16. It contains circa 50 minor and medium improvements requested by carriers and IT vendors that implement the OSDM standard into their applications. Because all changes were backward compatible, Bileto followed the development of the specification. Bileto OSDM Sandbox now runs on version 3.2.

All parties interested to try this technology can register free of charge at

During the development of the latest version, an alternative approach was discovered for separate reservation booking. OSDM website now details such dual approaches for the same use cases. Bileto OSDM supports both ways to obtain an separate reservation offer for known train number.

OSDM (Open Sales and Distribution Model