Timetable search and journey planner

Journey Planner Engine

Journey planner is an integral part of Bileto platform. You can search the timetables, plan for transfer connections, plan multimodal journeys or include walk transfers in your trip. The engine plans end-to-end journeys, users do not need to know the departure and arrival stations.

Data & API

Bileto reads timetables from official data registries, data feed and also data provided by transport agencies directly. The engine processes unlimited number of data. Apart from website, clients may integrate API directly into applications.

Bileto Journey Planner

bileto.cz journey planner is a showcase of Bileto technologies. It plans journeys door-to-door through the entire Czechia and in parts of Poland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia. Users can choose cities insteaf of stations, and the planner selects known TOP stations, or points of interest when the planner looks for stations in their proximity.